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Karnataka numero uno in renewable electricity production

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Bengaluru, Dec 5: A publication from RBI said that Karnataka stands first in the country in terms of Grid Interactive Renewable Energy.

A RBI publication has shelled out this information. Compared to other states in the country, Karnataka is in the forefront of Grid interactive renewable energy. The state has more eco-friendly electricity production units, which produce 15463 megawatt of electricity.

This is according to the seventh edition of the handbook of statistics for 2021-22 published by Reserve Bank of India. This gives the regional economy status of India.

While Karnataka stands first with 15463 MW of renewable energy production, Tamil Nadu is in the second spot with 15225 MW. Gujarat and Maharashtra are in the third and fourth spot with 13153 MW and 10267 MW production respectively.

In the NIA report that was published earlier this week, statistics pertaining to energy exchange is also mentioned. According to IEX distribution companies of Karnataka top with regards to sales of renewable energy.

The RBI has published this report based on the statistics available till March 2021 provided by the statistical and project implementation ministry of the union government. The handbook titled statistical details of Indian states 2021-22 gives the social-population, state indigenous production, agriculture, price and salaries, industries, basic infrastructure, banking and financial index. In the present edition of the handbook health and environment are also added.

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