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Google Voice lets users create rules for phone calls

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Google Voice has added new features to let users dictate rules for how the service responds to incoming calls from contacts.

While Google Voice has a call forwarding feature, the new update allows users to set up a rule that can forward calls from a contact to any of the linked numbers.

In case a user does not wish to answer a call, they can forward it directly to voicemails. In addition to this, users can opt to screen calls from specific contacts and even set custom voicemail greetings for some.

To create a rule, visit voice.google.com and head to Settings. Then, tap on Calls and choose ‘Create a rule’. The feature is available to all Google Voice users. The new rules cannot be established on the mobile app yet, they can only be viewed.

Google Voice has been around for a long time but has received limited attention from the search giant in the past few years. The recent update might be an indicator that all is not over for the service.

(source: THE HINDU)

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