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Mangaluru: Vaccines might soon be delivered at people’s doorsteps

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Mangaluru, May 26: In the coming days, medical teams will be visiting specific residential localities to undertake vaccination campaigns. Under the guidelines of the government, eligible private hospitals will take the responsibility of implementing this programme.

The district administration is inclined to give permission to private hospitals which fulfil the criteria like presence of doctors and other staff during the vaccination process, and arrangements to handle exigencies if any.

Now the demand for vaccination has been high. Supply of vaccines from the government is not commensurate with the demand. Because of the aggression of the coronavirus second wave, people including youngsters are becoming victims on a large scale. People who have become apprehensive about its adverse effects have high expectations from the vaccines. Many who have been vaccinated the first time, are worried about not being able to get the second dose within the prescribed time limit.

Some hospitals in the city have expressed interest to undertake vaccination programmes in work sites where the people work, and in residential complexes. The hospitals are demanding presence of at least 50 people and space for vaccination at these sites. Under this scheme, people aged over 18 will be vaccinated with Covishield vaccine. Price of about Rs 750 per dose has been fixed.

Already some hospitals and institutions are contacting hospitals. If industries, various small, medium and large companies show interest in this scheme, pressure on the government machinery will come down to that extent. Poor people will then be able to get free vaccines in a leisurely atmosphere.


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