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Donney Roti

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Semolina (rava) – half kg

Onion – half kg

Coconut – 1

Green chilli – 8 to 10 or up to the requirement

Salt – 1 tbsp (table spoon)

Non- veg (chicken) gravy – up to the requirement

Cooking instruction

Firstly chop the onion. Transfer the chopped onion in to a fry pan and pour some oil on it, then fry it partially.

Mix Fried onion, green chilli, salt, a little of Non-veg gravy or meat pieces and coconut thoroughly; prepare a roti batter of it and keep it separate.

Take a separate vessel and add semolina, half glass of water and mix it properly.

After that, mix the ready batter in semolina thoroughly.

It would be ready to cook after the proper mixing.

Mould the roti batter by hand on a banana leaf; before making it, apply little bit of oil on it so that it can be removed easily.

Cook it on a fry pan; apply little bit of oil before cooking.

Ready to serve.

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