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Haldi panay Nahwareo

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Coconut – 1

Onion – 7 0r 8

Green chilli -15

Sausage – 1 / 4 kg

Turmeric leaves- 25

Turmeric powder – up to the requirement

Salt – up to the requirement

Red chilli paste – up to the requirement

Ginger garlic paste – up to the requirement

Rice – 1 (maane) equal to 1 ½ standard glass of water

Cooking instruction

Mix viz. Grinned coconut, chopped onion, ready beef or chicken sausage, turmeric powder, red chilli, salt ginger garlic paste and red chilli paste and prepare masala from it.

Rice should be soak in water four to five hour before preparing the masala; and grind it, till it becomes thick paste.

Cut the edges of the turmeric leaves from both the end and roll it with roti rolling pin.

Depending upon the size of the leaves; we should take the approximate amount of rice paste and spread all over the leaves; leaving inch all around equally. The rice paste layer shouldn’t be very thick neither very thin. It should be medium.

The next step would be placing the masala on the half portion of the rice layer and fold another half portion on to it (masala).

Place in the big vessel and steam it properly.

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