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Talla Poli

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Rice(soorey) – arkaal kilo (1/4 kg or quarter kg)

Girsal Rice – (1/4 kg)

Coconut – 1

Sugar – 750 gm

Cardamom and cloves – one or two pieces

Egg – 25

Cooking instruction

Soak both the rice in water over half an hour and grind it till it becomes thick batter and add cardamom, cloves and eggs when the rice is getting grinded. Grind the coconut till it becomes paste; extract milk from it and keep it separate.

Add grind item and coconut milk into vessel and heat over an hour on low flame with continuous stirring, till it becomes thick; otherwise it would be scorch (burn) and loose it taste. Liquefy the ghee and spread in a fresh vessel before putting the mixed thing into it. Heat it in the oven at low temperature over 30 minutes or plus; ready to serve once it done.

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