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Aflatoon Poli

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Milk – ½ (Half) litre

Coconut – Half coconut

Nestle Milk maid – Half tin

Sugar – up to the requirement

Cashew nut– 5gm

Corn flour- 2 tbsp (spoon)

Egg- 5

Ghee- 3 large tbsp spoon

Cooking instructions

Grind the coconut first till it becomes paste; extract milk from it and keep it separate.

Mix two big spoon of corn flour into half litre milk in a vessel and heat it on low flame with the continuous stirring.

Cool down the prepared milk item for some time.

After proper cooling, mix the prepared milk with egg, sugar, cashew nut, extracted coconut milk and milk maid cream in to it; than grind it into the mixer.

Liquefy the ghee and spread in a fresh vessel before putting the grinned thing into it.

Heat it in the oven at low temperature for 25 to 30 minutes; ready to serve once it done.


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