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Saudi Arabia condemns Myanmar’s Rohingya attacks

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Saudi Arabia’s mission to the United Nations tweeted the Kingdom’s condemnation for the recent attacks on Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority.

“Acting upon KSA responsibility as the leader of the Islamic Ummah. Saudi Arabia has called for a resolution to condemn the atrocities and human rights violations committed against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar,” the mission tweeted.

“KSA has reached out to members of the Security Council to address the recent human rights violations against the Rohingya on its agenda. KSA has expressed its concern to Secretary General, which resulted in a condemnation from the United Nations. Upholding its responsibility.”

“Saudi Arabia will continue its efforts to find a lasting solution to the plight of the Rohingya Muslims.”

More than 2,600 houses have been burned down in Rohingya-majority areas of Myanmar’s northwest in the last week, the government said on Saturday, in one of the deadliest bouts of violence involving the Muslim minority in decades.

About 58,600 Rohingya have fled the violence into Bangladesh from Myanmar, according to UN refugee agency UNHCR, as aid workers there struggle to cope.

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