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Is India ready for a third wave?

As we approach the third year of the pandemic, epidemiologist Chandrakant Lahariya writes about what India should learn from its fight against Covid-19. Anyone travelling through India’s northern states would be forgiven for thinking that the pandemic is over. In ...

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Tripura: Anti-Muslim violence flares up in Indian state

Tension prevails in India’s north-eastern state of Tripura following attacks on mosques and properties owned by Muslims. Security has been tightened and restrictions on gatherings have been enforced in the affected areas. The violence followed clashes between Hindu groups and ...

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Mob beats Up Two Madrasa Students in Gujarat

‘The assailants targeted them as they were wearing Kurta pyjama and a skullcap’ NEW DELHI — Two Madrasa students in the Paldi area of Gujarat were reportedly beaten up by a Hindu mob on Sunday night leaving them severely wounded and ...

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