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Uttar Kannada DC Mullai Muhilan visits Bhatkal to review situations

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Bhatkal: 8 May 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner Mullai Muhilan visited Bhatkal on Saturday to seek advice from officials of various societies and institutions in light of the rising number of cases and shortages of beds and oxygen in city hospitals. What else needs to be done in Bhatkal to monitor covid and prevent the spread of Corona? On the occasion, a number of officials voiced their opinions.

Deputy Commissioner MullayMuhilan told reporters that the state government had given lockdown orders and that all district commissioners had been told to take additional measures based on the situation in their districts and do their best to keep Corona under control. He believes that the state government’s guidelines should include more legislation to avoid the spread of the Covid. He said that in this regard, we are visiting all talukas and seeking advice from the responsible persons, after which a final decision will be made, guidelines will be given, and all possible measures will be taken to prevent Corona from spreading throughout the district. The Deputy Commissioner said that the government has enforced a lockdown, but that if people in Bhatkal roam about without fear, it is to the people’s detriment, and if they leave their homes unnecessarily, they would only cause problems for their family members by going out. The government is serious about controlling Corona, but the people should understand as well. Consider the situation in the world, how many people are suffering, and how the virus is claiming lives; if the people are irresponsible, their lives will be lost. People should be aware of the situation in order to avoid being victims of the epidemic, save their families, and play a key role in society’s recovery.

The majority of Bhatkal residents seek care in the nearby districts of Udupi and Mangalore. Our immediate concern should be what would happen if the hospitals in Udupi and Mangalore were to become overcrowded tomorrow he said “What are the options for people from other districts who have been denied admission to hospitals in the neighboring district? In this regard, we are seriously considering other options, such as raising the number of beds available at Bhatkal Government Hospital as a precautionary measure. Currently, 6,000 liters of oxygen is available in the district. We are visiting different talukas to calculate how much oxygen is needed in each taluka. As a precaution, we intend to set up oxygen units in Kumta, Sirsi, Yellapur, Ankola, and Karwar, as well as Bhatkal, to ensure that there is no shortage of oxygen in Uttara Kannada.

He urged the people to first defend themselves in order to maintain power over Corona. Don’t spread the virus to others; instead, protect yourself, your family, and your neighborhood.

In response to a query, DC said that weddings and celebrations can wait, but saving lives comes first.

As a result, people are being asked not to come out of their homes and tell lies to the police during the lockdown. If the people think we have fooled the police with our cunning, they will lose. Our citizens are, understandably, asked to help the administration by not leaving their homes excessively, keeping a social distance, and just going out when absolutely required. People’s cooperation is much more important in this regard. Later, the DC and SP went to the government hospital to get the details they needed. He had previously met with the Assistant Commissioner, DYSP, Tehsildar, Municipal and Chief Officers of Jali Pattan Panchayat, as well as other officials, to learn more about the situation in Bhatkal.


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