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Rayeef Gangavali becomes latest entrant in list of young lawyers in Bhatkal

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Bhatkal: 28 November,2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Mohammed Rayeef Gangavali becomes latest entrant in list of young lawyers in Bhatkal, completes LL.B from SDM law college Mangaluru

Adding to the list of young lawyers in the town, 24-year-old ex-Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Bhatkal Student, Mohammed Rayeef Gangavali has enrolled himself with the Karnataka Bar Council after graduating in law from SDM Law College, Mangaluru.

Rayeef is the son of one of the senior-most news reporter of Bhatkal and a staff of Bhatkallys Media Society, Mohammed Rizwan Gangavali.

He completed his schooling and Pre-University Education from Anand Ashram Convent School, Bhatkal before joining Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen where he graduated in B.Com and later joined SDM Law College in Mangaluru for LL.B Graduation.

Rayeef, who enrolled himself with the Karnataka Bar Council on Friday, November 26, has become one of the few students from his batch who have cleared the graduation from Karnataka State Law University in first attempt and with first-class aggregate marks.

On his journey to becoming a lawyer from SDM Law College and B.Com graduate from Anjuman, Rayeef also has the remarkable feat in his bag of representing the University in Football for three consecutive years playing as University Blue. His chances of a fourth consecutive appearance as University Blue was marred by the COVID lockdown. Locally, he plays football for Bhatkal Inter-Football Association (BIFA) as a defender.

Academically smart right from his schooling days, Rayeef had graduated with first-class with distinction marks in B.Com and now aims to pursue masters in law.
Speaking to Bhatkallys.com Rayeef thanked Bhatkal Muslim Khaleej Council (BMKC) and others for their support and encouragement during his graduation in law. He noted he ended up becoming a lawyer while looking for a profession that is both noble and adventurous.

“As a kid I always wanted to join Indian Army and serve my country but due to a few unavoidable circumstances, I couldn’t. I did not want to just complete my graduation in B.Com and slog in corporate offices for the rest of my life. It is then, while looking for my options, a thought-provoking conversation with my dad happened. And he encouraged me to take up law and I followed it,” Rayeef said.

“Now I want to complete my masters in law. A subject, cyber-security particularly excites me, so I am planning to get my specialization and masters in that stream,” he added.

Rayeef’s father Rizwan Gangavali is also a happy man, and he wants his son to serve the community.

“I am really happy with how he has managed to clear the graduation in first attempt, which itself is a feat of a sort in Law. I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported him, especially BMKC. Their support has been really helpful for him,” Rizwan said.

When asked about his son’s plans on doing masters in Cyber-Security law, Rizwan added “It’s a good thing he does not want to stop here and want to study further. I am happy about it.”

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