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Visit of Assistant Commissioner and Tehsildar at Rabita Society

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Bhatkal: 15 June 16, 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Bhatkal Assistant Commissioner Ms. Mamta Devi and Tehsildar Ravi Chandra paid a special visit to the Rabita Office this morning to learn more about the operations of the Bhatkal Muslim khaleej Council (Rabita Society).

On this occasion, the Rabita Society donated a total of 80 oxygen cylinders for Shiroor, Bhatkal, Murdeshwar, Manki, and Honnavar, which will be dispatched to these places in the event of an emergency. Rabita has provided 30 cylinders, Shiroor Muslim Jamaat has provided 40 cylinders, and Mr. Abu Muhammad Mukhtasar has provided ten cylinders. The Assistant Commissioner thanked everyone for their help and praised the Majlis-e-Islah-o-Tanzeem’s efforts.

On this occasion former President Bhatkal Muslim Khaleej Council Mr. Sadiq Pilloor, Mr. Syed Hashim SJ, Mr. Muhammad Ghous, Mr. Manazir Hassan Sukri, President of the TMC Mr. Pervez Qasimji, Vice President Mr. Qaiser Mohtasham, Mr. Abdul Sami Kola, President Bhatkal Muslim Youth Federation Maulana Azeeezur Rahman Ruknuddin Nadvi and others were present.

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