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Nawayath Mehfil hosts Nawaiti geet program

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Bhatkal: 3, January, 21 (Bhatkallys News Beaurau) Nawayath Mehfil Organized a Nawaiti geet program in Bab-e-Bahrain after Isha prayers on Saturday in which different poem by various Nawaith poets were recited.

The program began with a recitation of Maulvi Ahmad Rukn-ud-Din, after which the hymns written by the late Abdul Qadir Damda were recited by Abuzar Gawai, while Tanuf Channa recited the Naat written by the late Ashraf Barmawar.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohtesham Abdul Rehman, the President of the program, welcomed the audience and also presented the intent of the program. Speaking about the registration of the Nawait language with the government, he said that Nawait Mehfil is working hard for the survival of the Nawait language and Nawait culture and has succeeded in this to some degree.

He also announced the start of work for the preservation of the historical heritage of Bhatkal and Nawayath community and said a building would soon be built for it.

Abu Huraira Mohtesham recited a poem by the late Saleem Nazish , while Ali Shaz Qamar recited a poem by Iman Siddibapa, Mohammed Ghous Mohtesham’s poem was recited by Khizer Haji Faqih, Musaib Mohtesham recited a poem by Mr. Ilyas Afaq, Saleem Ruknuddin recited a poem by Mr. Sadiq Naveed, Abdul Hadi SM recited the poem of the late Ubaidullah Ishaqi, Raid Qazi recited the poem by Saqiq Asarmatta Sahib, Sajjad Shoupa Sahib recited the poem by Khawaja Usman Jabali, Hassan Siddibapa of Iqbal Saeedi, Zubair Jukau’s poem was recited by Muhammed, Aneeque Shahbandari recited the poem of Sohail Arshi, Irfan Siddibapa’s poem by Abdullah Siddibapa, Abdul Aleem Shaheen’s poem by Abdullah Utban Sharif, Poem of Samiullah Barmawar was recited by Farhat Ali Ruknuddin, Hud Siddibapa recited a poem by Janab Hanif Shabab, Turaif Abu Husaina recited a poem of the late Jafar Abu Husaina, Nawfal Damodi recited Mr. Mustafa Tabish’s hymn, and Zafif Shangiri recited Mr. Shabbir Baida’s poem.

All the singers were awarded prizes at the conclusion of the event. While Sohail Koteshwar was awarded with special recognition for his videography work.

Maulana Abdul Aleem Qasmi, Mr. Atiq-ur-Rehman Muniri, Mr. Abdul Rehman Mohtasham, Mr. Abdul Rehman Siddiqui were present on the dais.


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