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No new COVID-19 cases in Bhatkal in past 24 hours

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Bhatkal: 19 June 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Corona instances have been reported in Bhatkal for the past two and a half months following the second wave, but they have decreased significantly in recent days, bringing relief to the administration and the public. No new instances of corona have been recorded in Bhatkal taluka in the recent 24 hours, according to a health department official’s Health bulletin, which is good news for the residents of Bhatkal.

According to information obtained from the health department, there are reportedly 114 Corona patients in the Bhatkal taluka, with 17 receiving treatment in the hospital and the remainder 89 receiving treatment at home. So far, 2307 instances of Corona have been discovered in the taluka following the second wave.

There are 2141 people who have recovered from Corona, whereas 52 people have died as a result of the disease.


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