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Now, ambulance service for pregnant women in Bhatkal

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17 Jan / Rizwan Gangavaly / Bhatkallys News

Bhatkal: A new emergency ambulance service for pregnant women has been launched here at the government hospital in Bhatkal by MLA of Bhatkal, Mankal Vaidya. This ambulance will pick-up pregnant woman from any hospital and also shift them to any hospital for delivery.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Mankal requested public to utilize this new service.


  1. Mohammed Jafar Abuhuseina

    After a long time we have got in Bhatkal MLA, Mankal Vaidya who is spending good amount for the welfare of Bhatkallys, God Bless him. The Bhatkallys should be after him for giving /placing him some more proposal for making bhatkal spiritual and better development. There are some roads cross the Hurulisal and Hurulisal itself has got such a dilapidated conditions and did not repaired for about a decade, though the Punchayat (Jali) is receiving a huge amount by way of House Tax etc. and as such it is the moral responsibility of Punchayat and the elected Member. Punchayat is more beneficial from the Muslim community Houses, but the Punchayat is looking the betterment rather than this area. The Member of Hurulisal to take the cognizance and help the area for the betterment of living condition.

  2. Good development, also we are looking for experienced doctors and better medical facilities at Govt. hospital Bhatkal. At least this may avoid taking the normal cases to Kundapur/Mangalore.

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