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Indian Nawayath Forum elects new officials

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Bhatkal: 22 March 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) The selection of new members for the Indian Nawayath Forum (INF) has taken place, and the following individuals have been selected.

President: Mr. Abdul Majeed Jukaku

First Vice President: Mr. Arshad Mohtisham

Second Vice President: Mr. Fayyaz Ghani Mohtisham

General Secretary: Mr. Adil Nagarmat

Secretary: Mr. Ghaffar Lanka

Treasurer: Mr. Amin Akrami

Accountant: Abdul Rehman Faiz Ruknuddin

It may be recalled that in 2018, Bhatkal’s Indian Nawayath Forum, a joint platform of various parties based in eight cities across India, was created, and in 2019, hundreds of people were hired as a result of the successful job fair.

During the Corona Lockdown, the Forum provided invaluable assistance to the country, and it continues to support young people in the fields of education, healthcare, and medical care.The forum also assists the poor and needy in any way it can.



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