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Three-day trade expo By Indian Nawaith Forum to begen from December 30

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The Indian Nawayath Forum (INF) formed in 2018, is a non-profit charitable organization that is a joint Federation of 8 Indian Bhatkali Jamaaths Associations located ​across India, outside Bhatkal, to serve the community.

Since its inception in 2018, INF has been at the forefront to serve the people driving various activities in healthcare, education, promoting business and employment, providing scholarships, budget housing projects and NOW, INF is organizing a Trade Expo with 180 Stalls, in 25 categories of businesses at (YMSA Ground) Taluka Ground, Bhatkal, for 3 days from December 30th, 2022 to Jan 1st, 2023, one of its kind for the trade community of Bhatkal.

You are all invited to the trade expo and Inauguration ceremony to witness our businesses and promote and encourage our community businesses and help them to prosper.

The inauguration is scheduled InshaAllah this Friday, December 30th at 4:45 PM sharp.

Our Primary objectives of conducting the Trade Fair Expo were:
• To promote and give more exposure to the business/services rendered by our Nawayath business community.
• To encourage and promote entrepreneurship for our community youngsters.
• To identify new business ventures instead of the present trend of starting/ repeating similar existing businesses.
• To scale up the existing business by giving inputs/know-how in marketing and packaging of products.
• To set up R&D for increasing the shell life of local food products.
• To foster and encourage collective investment for carrying out business requiring larger Capex investments.
• To promote local home products and increase their footprint in other areas/cities.
• To impart knowledge and information for getting required permission/ licenses for carrying out legal trade practices

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