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Bilal Shabandri

Bilal Shabandri features in Forbes Magazine; among top 30 young entrepreneurs in Middle East

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At 23 years old, Bilal Shabandri, is already making big waves with his latest business ventures and business acumen. The young Bhatkalli is finding fame and success as the co-founder of Arcab, a platform for fleet operators to maximise usage of buses round the clock.  

Dubai – From the Area 2071 incubator in Dubai’s Emirates Tower, Bilal and his friend Kevin Martin are hoping to change the future of daily travel to schools, universities and offices. Their success has been largely funded by a belief in making a difference through the use of technology.

The duo was recently featured on Forbes Middle East’s 30 Under 30 list – a remarkable achievement considering Bilal recently graduated from Amity University Dubai.

According to Forbes Magazine, “Martin and Shabandri co-founded Arcab, which launched operations in 2019 and has since served more than 25 companies and thousands of commuters.”

Arcab is currently working with more than 40 bus operators in the UAE to help at least two dozen companies carry their employees to work. Their start-up began as a bus-pooling service and branched out into providing a range of services to transport operators – including a mobile app to help passengers and drivers track vehicles, a dashboard for operators to operate and schedule transport.

Speaking with Bhatkallys.com, Bilal Shabandri, co-founder of Arcab said, “Building connections and engaging with other people makes a world of difference. One has to be proactive, and this is really important for anyone in today’s world. We simply cannot wait for things to fall in place and have to create opportunities for ourselves.”


Bilal Shabandri

The duo’s company is now eyeing expansion opportunities in Saudi Arabia and has already received grants and recognition from Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority, Expo 2020 Dubai.

Bilal added, “We’ve transformed from being a ride sharing provider to helping fleet operators optimise their business and transport people more efficiently. Our biggest challenge right now is hiring the right people who can help us scale and make the right moves. It is super important to have the right backing and the support. We have a team of 14 people, and our investors and mentors always guide.”

A recent article in The National newspaper noted Bilal was closing-in on a deal upwards of a million, “Arcab, which previously raised capital through angel investors and grants from UAE-based entities, is currently in the process of closing a seven-figure funding round involving angel investors and venture capital firms from the region.”

He also said, “Being a founder and chief executive is a massive responsibility, but it is extremely rewarding and humbling.”

Bilal is the son of Feroz Shabandri and grandson of Kazia Ibrahim. Bhatkallys.com congratulates the Bilal and his partner Kevin and wish the duo luck in his future ventures.

To know more about Bilal’s story, read their latest in https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/start-ups/2021/08/22/generation-start-up-how-arcab-is-driving-change-in-the-daily-commute/

Article by Muaz Shabandri

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