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About Bhatkallys

With a twin-objective to enhance interaction among community members and to promote the cultural heritage of Navayaths via the Net a group of Navayath intelligentsia launched bhatkallys.com, a site which you have have just logged onto. Culture represents the quintessence of all that is best and invaluable in the life of a person. Besides focusing on our culture and keeping the Bhatkali diaspora well informed about the news of Bhatkal, the site aims to provide career guidance to our people and help them in getting employment.

The site, created by Mohammed Mohsin Shabandri with the help of a dedicated team and developed by Shaikh Peer Mohammed, was launched in January 2003. The site encompasses a slew of interesting and informative features including community news, general articles,  photo gallery, etc.

Abdul Mateen Muniri’s Bazgasht ( www.urduaudio.com) is an interesting audio section which contains a wide collection of poetry and speeches of local poets and scholars and of India’s prominent scholars and poets for the last fifty years.
Bhatkallys.com Board

Mohammed Mohsin Shabandri
Abdul Mateen Muniri
Vice Chairman
Muaz Shabandri
Managing Director
Aftab Kola
Raees S M Syed
Mohiddin Ruknaddin
Abdurrahman Siddiqui
Peer Mohamed
Mueez Muniri
Abu Mohammed Mukhtasar
Mohiddin Jilani Shabandri

A Board to oversee the functioning of bhatkallys.com has been constituted. This was decided at a meeting held at Mohsin Shabandri’s residence in Dubai. The members with designations are as follows:

  • Shabandri Mohammed Mohsin – Chairman Bhatkallys.com  &  Founder President Bhatkallys Media Society
  • Abdul Mateen Muniri — Vice Chairman   & Director UrduAudio.com
  • Mohammed Muaz Shabandri – Managing Director
  • Aftab Husain Kola   – Director
  • S. M. Syed Raees Khalil – Director
  • Shaikh Peer Mohammed – Director
  • Abdul Rahman Siddiqi – Director
  • Mohiddin Ruknaddin – Director
  • Mueez Muniri  – Director
  • Abu Mohammed Mukhtasar – Director
  • Mohiddin Jilani Shabandri – Director & Bhatkallys Beuro Chief India
Maqbool S M Syed
Bhatkallys Media Coordinator

S.M Syed Maqbool has been appointed as Bhatkallys media Coordinator