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BJP MP Pratap Simha walks out of press conference when asked about party’s stand on constitution

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Mysuru: BJP MP Pratap Simha on Thursday walked out of a press conference in Mysuru after being asked questions about the saffron party and constitution. The question was asked in the wake of recent statement of Sangh Parivar leader against constitution.

Pratap had called a press conference at Mysuru Press Club on Thursday.

During the press conference, Pratap Simha added that the constitution of India under Article 19 (A) gives freedom of speech and expression to citizens hence admin cannot be arrested for using social media in election campaigning.

One of the reporter present in the press conference asked Pratap “on one hand you speak about how the constitution gives rights to you whereas on the other hand your party leaders speak of changing the constitution?” Pratap replied that the BJP MP Ananth Kumar Hegde had already apologized in the parliament for his changing constitution remarks and that there was no point in asking this question repeatedly. He added mentality of people asking such questions cannot be changed.

On another question being asked pertaining to constitution the MP refused to answer and added “I cannot answer this question, if you have anything else to ask, you can ask”.

He also added that the photo of Ambedkar was put up in Parliament after Modi led BJP came to power. “We are proud of Ambedkar” he said.

He was asked about the recent statement of Sangh Parivar leader who had noted that the nation cannot be governed only by constitution and in such governance preserving Hindu culture is not possible with constitution.

Irked by the query Pratap Simha immediately walked out of the press conference.

Source: Vartha Bharathi


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