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Vodafone’s Holi offer, launches Voice over LTE or VoLTE in Goa, Maharashtra; check how to activate

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It is indeed a Happy Holi for Vodafone users in Maharashtra and Goa. One of the biggest telecom giants in India, Vodafone, has started rolling out their 4G VoLTE services in few circles today. Vodafone has started the 4G Voice over LTE services in circles like Maharashtra & Goa. Some of the users in cities like Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Vasai, and Goa can now enjoy 4G VoLTE services with Vodafone. This step from Voda fone has been taken in order to enable the customers with extremely clear call clarity using the VoLTE services. To enjoy the 4G VoLTE services, your smartphone needs to have the support for the same. It shall be noted that Vodafone 4G customers can use the Vodafone VoLTE services for no additional charges. That means calls made from the Vodafone VoLTE will be billed as per existing plan or pack benefits.

Vodafone’s Maharashtra and Goa Business Head Ashish Chandra said that the company has been working towards making investments to expand, upgrade and modernise the Vodafone’s network in the region. Chandra even highlighted that this is done to get the ‘finest service experience and seamless connectivity’ to every Vodafone user. Chandra said, “We are delighted that Vodafone is now launching VoLTE services in Maharashtra & Goa beginning with Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Vasai, and Goa and will soon extend it to other key cities.”

As of now, Vodafone customers living in Delhi-NCR, Gujarat, Rajasthan and recently included in the list is Mumbai can enjoy the VoLTE services. And the good news in that the telecom major is planning to extended this service to more places in India in the next few months.

How to get Vodafone VoLTE on your smartphone:
Step 1: You can benefit from the 4G VoLTE services only if your smartphone has the facility. It is only after your smartphone can adhere to the services provided by the network, then only you can enjoy the HD voice call quality.

Step 2: To know if your device is capable to carry out the Vodafone VoLTE services, please head on to Vodafone’s official website: www.vodafone.in/volte.

Step 3: Make sure the Operating System you are using on your mobile device has the latest version.

Step 4: Make sure that the device has a Vodafone 4G SIM.

Step 5: Go to settings.

Step 6: Look for the tab: ‘SIM and Network’ and tap on it.

Step 7: Make sure you ‘prefered network type’ is set as “4G/3G/2G (Auto)”.

Step 8: If your smartphone has the feature to support the service and Vodafone provides the VoLTE service in your circle, then your smartphone will automatically switch to ‘VoLTE’ and your network bar will also show the same.

Source: Financial Express


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