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British scientists prepared the world’s most expensive substance ‘aydohedral florins’

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London: British scientists prepared the most expensive material (substance) which is in front of the gold, silver, diamonds and platinum are also slightly less that one gram of the material cost is $ 15 million.
Experts from Oxford University developed a substance called ‘aydohedral florins’ carbon atoms which a cage of the carbon atom within which a nitrogen atom are closed. According to experts, there are 60 carbon atoms in it. These carbon atoms combine with each other, which make a ball

shape called the ‘Bucky Ball”. The substances can be used in the manufacture of small atomic clocks and GPS devices can be made that even not do a millimeter error. With the help of these could be prepared self-driven vehicles.

According to experts, it is possible that the world’s most accurate atomic clock and your smartphone will be able to join and the world of mobile phones would be revolutionized. Experts say that the matter had been working for the last 14 years, this technology would revolutionize many areas. The laboratory for the first time recently sold its material 200 micrograms of quantity, of 30 thousand dollars.



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