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iPhone X With USB-C Port Sells For $86,001 on eBay

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Last week, an iPhone X modified with a USB-C port was listed on eBay as “the world’s first USB-C iPhone,” and now, a few days after intense bidding, the USB-C ‌iPhone‌ has been sold for $86,001.

The ‌iPhone‌ was modified by Ken Pillonel, a robotics student who shared a video explaining how he did it. Since the video was posted on November 1, it’s garnered over 600,000 views and has been widely discussed across social media. The eBay listing, which lasted 10 days, had a total of 116 bids and 6 bid retractions. One bid earlier in the week topped $99,000.

From the iPad to the Mac, Apple utilizes USB-C ports for charging, data, and more. The company has relentlessly stuck to using its proprietary Lightning connector on the ‌iPhone‌, and reports suggest that it won’t be changing anytime soon.

The ‌iPhone‌ X is a 64GB model, and the winning bidder will be receiving the ‌iPhone‌ X in its original box but without any accessories. As a bonus, the winner will also get a 30-minute phone call with Pillonel should they have any questions about how the world’s first USB-C ‌iPhone‌ was born.

(Source: MacRumors) 

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