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MCC comes forward to take action against non-followers of the rule

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Mangaluru: As per the rules of the central government, all fuel stations should compulsorily have toilets. Therefore, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has come forward to take action against those petrol bunks which have failed to provide this facility within the corporation’s limits.

Under the Swacch Bharat Mission Plan, in order to maintain cleanliness, the Urban Development Ministry had passed an order last year that all the petrol bunks in the country must compulsorily provided toilet facility. As per the order, owners of all petrol bunks must compulsorily provide specific washroom facilities for men, women and the differently abled persons.

The washrooms should not be limited only to their customers but must also be made available for the use of the general public. If in case the rule is violated, the bunk owner will be fined Rs 15,000 for the first offence, Rs 20,000 for the second offence and Rs 30,000 for the third offence. If the rule is violated more than three times, the permit of such a fuel station will be cancelled, the order states strictly.

But in reality, at many petrol stations, there are no washroom facilities for the public. At some other places, even though there are toilets, they are not provided for the use of the public. On the other hand, petrol bunk owners have opposed this rule of the central government with the argument that if in case this toilet reserved for the customers is provided to the general public, it will give rise to numerous problems. In this backdrop, last year a team from “Udayavani” visited a few petrol bunks to do a reality check and find out how many petrol bunks do have a restroom and how is their state?

MCC woke up finally

MCC had not come forward to strictly follow the rules since the last one year after it was published that all petrol bunks must compulsorily have restroom facilities. But now, MCC has woken up. It is collecting information on if the rules are being followed? Besides it has also come forward to initiate strict action against those who violate the rules within its jurisdiction. Petrol bunk owners had expressed opposition to this move by the central government. But now, the MCC’s coming forward to strictly follow this rule has given rise to voice of opposition. The president of Mangaluru, Udupi petrol bunk owners association Satish Kamath spoke with “Udayavani” and said, “We have no problem to provide toilet facility to customers who visit our fuel stations. We are against providing the facility to the general public.”

Security of the bunk

“Previously, the toilets of a few petrol bunks had been provided for the use of the general public at some places in the city. But, it has come to notice that a few people among the public, enter the restroom to some cigarettes and for drug abuse. From the point of view of the security of the fuel station, I am not ready to accept this rule,” he said.

Even more washrooms in the city

MCC commissioner Mohammed Nazeer spoke with “Udayavani” and said, “Law must be followed by everyone. Strict action will be taken against the owner of the petrol bunk which violates the rule. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the city, the corporation has come forward to construct even more public restrooms. For this, talks have been held with MRPL and NMPT institutions and with the use of CSR money, even more public toilets will be constructed in the city soon,” he informed.

Follow the rule

“All the petrol bunks failing to follow the central government’s rule will be identified. Action will be taken against the owners of the petrol bunk violating the rules with the corporation’s jurisdiction,” said Bhaskar K, Mayor

Problem to security

“If hundreds of people visit the washroom in the petrol bunk daily, then it will have an adverse effect on the maintenance and security. Let the government or the local administration construct washrooms at the fuel station without causing any problem to the security of the fuel station. Besides, if they appoint staff for its maintenance, we have no objection,” said Satish Kamath, president of Mangaluru, Udupi petrol bunk owners association

Source: Udayavani


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