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Kuwait Job Fraud: 19 youths finally return back to motherland

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Mangaluru: 19 young men from the district who had gone to Kuwait hoping to earn lucrative salaries to build a better future for themselves, but ironically ended cheated and stranded in Kuwait finally reached the city by bus on Thursday July 19 morning.

These youths were among several other youths including 42 from here who were sent to Kuwait by an employment agency. Their good luck ran dry the moment they touched down at Kuwait.

With their visa canalled and the returning of their passports taking inordinately long delays, the youth were left deprived of food and shelter. However, timely assistance provided by NRIs in Kuwait, the Indian Embassy and those from here helped the victims survive the ordeal and finally reach home sweet home.

The youths travelled from Kuwait to Mumbai by flight yesterday and it may be noted that another youth belonging to the same group has reached the city earlier last week.

Source: Udayavani 

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