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College bans students from playing PUBG inside hostel rooms, asks them to ‘focus on career’

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Vellore: Earlier this year, an online game most people know by the name ‘PUBG’ took South-East Asia by storm. A survey sanctioned by Quartz and conducted by Jana claimed that 62 per cent of the 1,047 Indian respondents they spoke to played PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, more commonly known as PUBG.

However, a renowned college in Tamil Nadu has picked a bone with players of the online game by issuing a circular banning students from playing PUBG in their hostel rooms. A picture of the circular issued by the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) is doing rounds on social media with gaming fanatics condemning the diktat by calling it “unnecessary” and “dictatorial”.

In the circular, college authorities claimed that the game is “spoiling the entire atmosphere of the hostel”. It went even further to say that “playing online games and betting for such games is totally prohibited in VIT”. In addition, students have been told that those found in violation of the circular will be dealt seriously as per the college code of conduct. The circular also asks students to contentrate on physical sports and give more importance to their career growth instead of spending all their time playing PUBG.

Social media users criticized the circular and lashed out at the college for interfering in their personal life. Responding to the criticism, Associate Chief Warden of the boys’ hostel, R Mohanasundaram told The Indian Express that the circular was issued around Friday last week. He added that the game has become an ‘addiction’ for students.

Source: Times Now


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