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Bhatkal awaits traffic police station amidst increasing road accidents and traffic congestion

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Bhatkal 2 July 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) The traffic congestion in Bhatkal over last half a decade has seen a remarkable growth, which automatically has led to increase in road accidents and accidental deaths which now has led the people of Bhatkal wanting a dedicated traffic police station for their town.

The traffic congestion’s hotbed of the town remains between Shamsuddin circle to Shifa cross and Nawayath colony, a zone which has witnessed several road accidents over the years.

Add to it, being young and reckless has been a motto for teenagers who love to test the limits of their freedom. Having experienced more than its fair share of reckless deaths, Bhatkal is still reeling under the stress of accidents lately. Treading a thin line between responsible thrills and absolute foolishness – many young lives have extinguished the flame of their youthfulness in an attempt to stand out from the crowd and impress a few friends.

A statistical data from the office of Dy. Superintendent of Police Bhatkal Sub-Division reveals, 18 deaths due to accidents were reported in 2015 in Bhatkal while 119 injuries were reported in the same year in a total of 95 accident cases reported. In 2016 the number of accidents reported were the highest in last four years as 116 cases of major and minor accidents were reported with 15 deaths and 160 injured.

Year 2017 saw the graph of number of accidents come down to 85 but the number of deaths remained more or less the same with over 17 deaths and 163 injured.

As of 31 May 2018 47 accident cases have been reported this year so far accounting for 04 deaths and 56 injuries.

Speaking to Bhatkallys.com Bhatkal Dy.SP Valentine D’ Souza admitted that there is a need of a dedicated police traffic police station in Bhatkal, while also admitting to the fact that 50 staffs of Bhatkal town police station has to overlook every activities of the town.

“50 staffs have to overlook all the activities of town police station jurisdiction, of which around 15 are reserved for night shifts and patrolling, the other 35 have to handle investigations, warrants, court appearances, station duties and everything, so if we get a dedicated traffic police station, it will ease our burden” Valentine added.

Valentine further revealed that the Uttara Kannada Superintendent of Police Vinayak Patil himself acknowledges the need of traffic police station in Bhatkal and has been pressing for the same with authorities and had sought a report from Bhatkal Dy.SP regarding this which has been submitted duly.

When contacted and inquired about the same, Vinayak Patil replied that the reported has been submitted to the Police Head Office and the same will be reviewed there and will be forwarded to the government as a proposal.

Vinayak Patil seemed personally interested in proposing a traffic police station for Bhatkal and said “Yes, there is definitely a need of traffic police station for Bhatkal and the same is the reason why we have forwarded the report to our head office, the report is under review and once approved it will be on the government’s table”.

On being asked about the approximate time it would take by the time all the formalities are completed and the town will see a dedicated traffic police station, “There is no standard timeline for that and it depends on lots of factors so let us wait and hope” added an hopeful Patil.

Patil before concluding his conversation with Bhatkallys.com requested the drivers and riders to follow traffic rules and to be careful about themselves and about others on the road. “Do not wait for dedicated police station to come and regulate the traffic rules, even if the regular police is looking after traffic, and even when nobody from department is around people should follow traffic rules and be responsible drivers and riders, only then we can cap the number of road accidents” Patil concluded.

Bhatkallys.com hopes Bhatkal gets its permanent solution in the disguise of traffic police station soon to cap the number of road accidents in the region, and a relief from reading the news articles of road accidents every now and then.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)


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