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Association of Muslim Professionals felicitated awardees with ‘Excellence in Education’

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TCN News | 21 September 2017
The 21 recipients of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) National Award for Excellence in Education were felicitated yesterday in a rain-affected function at Maharashtra College, Mumbai Central.
These recipients were announced on the occasion of Teachers Day on September 5, 2017.

The Programme started with recitation of Quranic verses and their translation, after which Mr. Aamir Edresy, President, AMP welcomed the guests and gave AMP’s introduction and explained its activities in the field of Education and Employment Assistance.

He explained the reason for instituting these awards, which was to recognize the excellent services of the Academicians across the Country. The other reason was to network with them and carry out AMP’s various activities for the benefit of the Students and the Society at large. Edresy also proposed to hold an Annual Event on any of the Government’s pet projects, by the students of all the colleges in the city jointly who were represented in the meeting for the benefit of the Society.

Dr. Siraj Chougle, Principal, Maharashtra College and one of the recipients of the AMP Award, congratulated AMP on completing 10 years of its service to the Society and spoke about AMP’s leadership and networking among Professionals and Institutions across the Country.

He mentioned that although the students themselves were quite skilful and brilliant individually when it came to present themselves, they fell woefully short. He spoke about the association with AMP to conduct various programmes like Employability Training Programs (ETP’s) and Mock Interview Workshops (MIWs) which would enhance the quality of Placements for their students.

Dr. Mehmood Shaikh, Principal, Akbar Peerbhoy College, another awardee mentioned that when AMP was started by Mr. Aamir Edresy and a few Professionals, their vision was a little hazy about how they wanted to serve the Society but now after their journey of 10 years their vision is very clear of helping the Community in the field of Education and assisting job-seeking youths with Employment.

Principal Maimoona of Anjuman Khairul Islam College of Education mentioned that AMP’s various programmes benefitted her students so much that last year out of 34 students, 32 were successfully placed.

Mr. Munnawar Ali spoke about how an Australian Professional mentioned about Indians being very skilled but not articulate enough and AMP was doing a great work in this area.

Other Principals present spoke about how they too benefitted by associating with AMP and others spoke of extending these activities to areas like Mumbra and Bhiwandi where there was a substantial presence of the Community and the need to show the students the way to good education and employment opportunities.



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