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Shaupa pana poli (Dill leaves roti)

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Dill (shepu / suva bhaji) leaves – 4 bundles

Rice (Soorey) – 1 maane (one maane is equal to one and half standard glass of water)

Boiled rice – 1 maane

Coconut – two and half

Jaggery (dark brown sugar) – half kg

Salt – up to the requirement

  • Cooking instruction
  • Soak both the rice in water over five hours.
  • Grind dill leaves along with jaggery and keep aside.
  • Mix grinded dill leaves and jaggery, grated coconut, salt and soaked rice. Grind it till it became thick batter.
  • Mould the roti batter by hand on a banana leaf; before making it, apply little bit of oil on it so that it can be removed easily.
  • Cook it on a fry pan; apply little bit of oil before cooking.
  • Ready to serve.

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