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Chicken chilli

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Chicken – 1 kg

Onion – ½ kg

Tomato – 3 to 4 tomatoes

Capsicum – 4

Red chilli paste – 2 big tbsp. (spoon)

Pepper powder – 1 tbsp.

Ginger garlic paste – 3 big tbsp.

Turmeric powder – 1 tbsp.

Garam masala – up to the requirement

Salt – up to the requirement

Coriander leaves – up to the requirement

Curry leaves – up to the requirement

Oil – 4 big tbsp.

Tomato, soy and chilli sauce – up to the requirement

Cooking instruction

Make small pieces of chicken and boil it by adding salt, turmeric and pepper powder in it. Further reduce the size of the chicken pieces after boiling.

Chop onion, tomato and capsicum and keep it separately.

Next step is, tempering with curry leaves for few minutes. Add chopped onion, tomato, capsicum and all the Red chilli paste, ginger garlic paste, tomato, soy and chilli sauce and prepare masala from it.

Add boiled chicken in to prepared masala and heat it over ten minutes on a low flame, when it get done transfer it in a plate. Sprinkle coriander leaves and chopped onion over it; the dish is ready to be served.

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