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Sambati Mudkalio (Rice balls cooked in thick curry)

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Rice – 1 ½ maane (one maane is equal to one and half standard glass of water)

Salt – up to the requirement

Prawns or chicken –add ready chicken gravy or prawns in it to enhance the taste

Green chilli- 15

Red chilli – one or two piece

Tomato – one or two

Fennel seed (Saunf ) – 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves – up to the requirement

Onion – 5

Ginger paste and garlic paste – up to the requirement

Turmeric powder – up to the requirement

Coconut – half

Cooking Instruction

Soak rice in water and grind it till it becomes thick batter. Make rice balls out of it.

Mix, red chilli, grated coconut meat, Fennel seed and turmeric, then grind it in mixer and make a paste. Keep the prepared paste separately. (Masala -1)

Mix: Chopped onion, green chilli, tomato, curry leave, coriander leaves, turmeric powder and Prawns or chicken. Cook it and make masala from it. (Masala -2)

Take a big vessel; heat the Masala – 1 with the little more volume of water till it starts boiling. Start Adding rice balls in to the curry. Do not add all the rice balls at a time; add minimal quantity so that it shouldn’t mix.

After depositing rice balls add masala-2 in to it. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes.  It is ready to serve.


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