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Bread Pudding

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Cashew nut – 5 gm

Bread – three slice

Milk – half litre

Milk powder – up to requirement

Sugar – up to requirement

Salt – up to requirement

Vanilla essence – two drops

Egg – 6 or 7

Cooking instruction

.In a mixer, grind: cashew nut, milk, sugar, bread pieces, eggs, salt, milk powder, drops of vanilla essence

.Prepare liquid sugar and spread it over the vessel and mix grinned items into that vessel

Take a seperate vessel which has two separate chambers; below chamber is to fill water and above chamber is to place the vessel which contain mixed item

.The vessel must be closed and it should steam up to 15 minutes

.Remove after 15 minutes and serve


  1. RECIPE – It is an Exquisite addition to your page. However i didn’t understand the Word Khubusa (bread) Puting. If Ia m not Mistaken is it not “Bread Pudding”

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