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Humanity first: Hindus-Muslims together collect remnants of burnt Holy Quran in riot-hit North-East Delhi

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New Delhi: Few videos which surfaced after the communal violence broke out in North-east Delhi are a testimony to the fact that humanity is not dead yet.

While rioters from both communities wreaked havoc in the national capital, there was a silver lining.

In many of these videos members from the Hindu and the Muslim community can be seen helping each other and taking out peace rallies.

In one such video people in the Muslim-majority areas can be seen assuring the Hindus that they will keep them safe.

One video shot on February 26 in Ashok Nagar shows Hindus and Muslims gathering pages from copies of the Holy Quran that were burnt in the fire.

‘We all co-exist here like a family’
Muslims in Ashok Nagar area faced the wrath of 1000 strong rioters when the mob entered their era with an intention to inflict heavy damage – both physical and material.

Quoting a Muslim resident the ToI reported that Hindus have been with members of the minority community ever since the riots broke out.

“We have been living here for the past 25 years and never in these years have we had a single discord with any of our Hindu neighbours. We all co-exist here like a family” the local said.

Another video from Shastri Park area shows some youths holding Hindu-Muslim unity rally. In this 27 second video, slogans like “Hum Sab Ek Hai”, “Hindu-Muslim Bhai-Bhai” and “Ignore Rumors” can be heard.

48 FIRs registered
The third video which is 15-second long, Muslim men can be seen telling Hindu women “this is your locality and you don’t have to worry”. However, at the end of this video, some people can be heard saying that we are not like you people.

Meanwhile, 48 FIRs have been registered in connection with communal clashes in North-East Delhi but there won’t be any judicial intervention till normalcy is restored in the national capital.

The FIRs have been lodged in relation to arson, looting and the deaths.

So far, 35 people have died in the riots and more than 200 injured after groups armed with swords and guns set fire to thousands of properties and vehicles

Source: Times Now


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