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Thousands of Yemenis get visitor cards by post

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JEDDAH: Saudi Post in the Makkah region has distributed 120,000 visitor cards to Yemenis directly through the “national address” system in one year.  “Saudi Post determines the address through a special icon or with the help of the nearest post office to check the address, which is very important. This is not known to many Yemenis, and causes delays in their transactions,” Postmaster General Samir Nahas was quoted as saying by local media on Saturday. He said the Directorate of Passports stresses the residential address to complete the identity of the Yemeni visitor. “For each one who has a family must register an address and that goes for individuals, and two people cannot have one address.”

He said that after subscription in the “Wasel’ service, which is linked to the Interior Ministry, full data is registered, including the account number of the applicant and type of subscription. Wasel subscriber can include his wife and daughters, he said. Wasel service can be used for purchasing goods from world markets and getting them delivered to your home, Nahas said, urging citizens and residents to make use of the reliable facility.

The Makkah passport department said there is no mechanism to deliver of “visitor cards” directly and that it has to be done only through Wasel after registration with Absher. Delivery is made after registration of the applicant’s address and according to a secret number which he has to give to an officer at Saudi Post.

Yemeni national Ahmad Al-Saghir couldn’t believe how easy it was to receive his visitor card through post, especially after visiting the postal website and finding around 800 visitors searching for their IDs. Al-Saghir was quoted as saying that he was relieved to find that each one had his own page and address and that delivery was directly made and there was no waiting around in a queue for documents.



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