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Hundreds bid tearful adieu to Sameer Siddibapa

Jubail to the Rayyan Masjid yesterday around 7:00 PM and the Namaaz-e-Janazah was offered immediately after Isha prayers. Inspite of the fact that things move slowly during Ramazan here, it was made possible due to the untiring efforts by Jamaat elders with active cooperation of his employers and sponsors.

After the namaaz the convoy of vehicles followed the ambulance to the grave yard on the airport road where he was laid to rest by tearful family members, friends, his employers and Bhatkali community.

Community elders are putting their best effort to arrange necessary clearance for funeral of another Bhatkali Mr. Abdul Kadir Basha Tamburi aged about 58 years who died of natural causes on the same day as Sameer.

(Bhatkallys News):

SubmittedBy: Arshad Hassan Kadli, Bhatkallys Correspondent Eastern Province

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Uniforge Bhatkal advances in Dulsco Ramadan Cricket

Batting first, AMI struggled for runs against the accurate bowling by Bhatkal CC and could not reach the three-figure mark. Only three AMI batsmen - Kapila not out on 32, opener Najib 13 and Ashish 10 reached double-digit scores.

CTK Masood bagged three wickets in his spell of four overs and gave away just eight runs. He was later adjudged man of the match. Wafiq and K Kumar claimed two wickets each whilst conceding 24 and 23 runs respectively.

Bhatkal worked off the runs in 9.5 overs but lost six wickets. Opener Umar scored 49, Jaleel made 27 and S Zia 11 as they reached the target in the 10th over.

Mithica bagged three wickets for 31 runs while Ebra, Gul and Rizwan picked up one each.

CTK Masood of Bhatkal was named the man of the match.

Brief Scores:

AMI 92 for 8 (Kapila 32*, Najib 13, Ashish 10; Masood 3/8, K Kumar 2/23, Wapiq 2/24).

Bhatkal 98 for 6 in 9.5 overs (Umar 42, Jaleel 27, S Zia 11; Mithica 3 for 33).

Man of the match: CTK Masood of Bhatkal Uniforge CC.

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SBI Bhatkal offers change facility ahead of Eid

Denominations of Rs. 5/-, 10/-, 50/- and 100/- and coin denominations of 1, 2 and 5 were available at the special counter in the Bank. Speaking to the bhatkallys.com correspondant, the Bank Manager has requested the people to take maximum advantage of this service.

Report: Rizwan Gangavali

(Bhatkallys News)

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BMJ (R) hosts Iftar Party

Riyadh – BMJ Riyadh hosted a Group Iftar Party on Thursday 2nd September in honour of Jamia Islamia delegation on their arrival in Riyadh. The delegation included Moulana Maqbool Kobatte Nadvi, vice-principal and Moulana Ansar Khateeb Madani. On this occasion ...

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Sameer Siddi Bapa charred to death in terrifying car accident near Jubail

JUBAIL – In a horrific road accident that sent shockwaves to Bhatkally community in the eastern province, Sameer Siddi Bapa (23) son of Aslam Siddi Bapa was charred to death and and his colleague Mr. Nisar Ahmed from Mangalore seriously ...

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Kadli Arshad honored

Al-Khobar- Bhatkallys.com correspondant for Eastern Province, Mr. Arshad Hassan Kadli have been honored by his employers M/S Zuhair Fayez Partnership for his outstanding contribution to the company. In an Annual Iftaar Party held on 29th August here at Movenpick Hotel ...

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Oman: Indian Community to hold Eid-milan

Muscat – Eid Milan, which embodies the spirit of universal brotherhood and unity, is an event the Indian diaspora in Oman always looks forward to. The Indian Community Eid Milan 2010 will be held on the day of eid at ...

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Bad karma: we can’t find that page! You asked for {%sh404SEF_404_URL%}, but despite our computers looking very hard, we could not find it. What happened ? the link you clicked to arrive here has a typo in it or somehow ...

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2-پنچاد ائیکو سرکی . . . . امچو معاشرہ انی بڑھتی برائیو

از : ڈاکٹر محمد حنیف شباب گاویں حالات انی امچے مسائل اوپر اصلاحی نقطہ نظرین امچے مشہور و معروف قلمکار ڈاکٹر محمد حنیف شباب صاحبانچو ہو مضمون بھٹکلیس ڈاٹ کام چے ”پنچاد ائیکو سرکی ” کالم اوپر پیش خدمت اشے ...

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The Muslim Kannadiga

By Yoginder Sikand, TwoCircles.net ‘Fascist forces have carefully targeted the media. They recognise that infiltrating the media is crucial for their political project. In contrast, the media is not even on the agenda of secular forces’, muses 44 year-old Abdussalam ...

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جناب حبیب الرحمن کھروری صا حب چو انتقال

جناب حبیب الرحمن کھروری صا حب چو انتقال بھٹکل۔ بھٹکلیس نیوز 29اپریل 07 مخدوم کالونی بتر رھاتلے جناب حبیب الرحمن کھروری صاحباں چو انتقال زاؤن اشے ، مرحوم کولا پراڈائیز پاٹیر جناب سی اے خلیل صاحباں چے گھر چی پانیا ...

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عبد العزیز مصباح ابن محمد مصباح چو انتقال

عبد العزیز مصباح ابن محمد مصباح چو انتقال بھٹکل۔ بھٹکلیس نیوز 28 اپریل، 07 کال جمعراتی جناب عبد العزیز مصباح ابن محمد مصباح انتقال پاؤن واٹیت ، مرحوم نکے انی صحت مند وھتے ، راتی آرام پاؤلے وھتے ، مھیلی ...

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جناب محمد علی شرالی صاحب چو انتقال

جناب محمد علی شرالی صاحب چو انتقال بھٹکل۔ بھٹکلیس نیوز 22 مئ، 07 جامعہ اسلامیہ چے نائب ناظم جناب محمد علی شرالی صاحب چو کال راتی 9 گھنٹار اپلے گھرے دماغا چی شیر فوٹون انتقال زاؤن اشے ، ہینچی عمر ...

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شپیار چے مونے سائب بھاؤ چو انتقال

شپیار چے مونے سائب بھاؤ چو انتقال بھٹکل۔ بھٹکلیس نیوز 21 مئ، 07 شپیا ر چو مونو سائب بھاؤ چو پرواں دیسا راتی انتقال زاؤن اشے ، فالے سکنات تدفین زالی ، مرحوم چی عمر لگ بھگ 95 ورشے وھتی ...

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