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Stray mad dog bites four in Bhatkal, gets killed by another dog

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Bhatkal 11 September 2018:(Bhatkallys News Bureau) A sense of fear prevailed in the Mutalli locality when a stray mad dog attacked and bite four people who were walking on the road on September 10, Monday.

The victims have been identified as Lakshman Venkatappa Naik (38) of Mudbhatkal, Savitri Krishna Naik (40) of Mudbhatkal, Meenakshi Narayan Naik (28) of Mutalli and Rajani Venkataramana Naik (28) of Mutalli.

According to the sources, the four victims on Monday who walking on the road, were attacked and bitten by a mad dog.

Interestingly, a pet dog who watched the stray dog attacking people, chased and killed him after a brawl.

The victims were rushed to Government Hospital of Bhatkal. As there were no precise medicine available in the hospital for Mad dogs’ bite, they were later treated by availing the medicine for private medical stores.

The pet dog that killed the mad dog was also taken to a Veterinarian and was treated.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Fristen Dias)


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