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Ramzan bazaar on roll in Bhatkal

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BHATKAL – Like every year, this year also Bhatkal Ramzan Bazar is on roll despite frequent rain and bad weathers. Interestingly this year both festivals, Eid-ul-Fitr and Ganesh Habba are coinciding with each other. Both festivals are famous for aggressive shopping.

Traditional roadside bakdas are major hit in Bhatkal. To attract potential customers, these bakda owners meticulously decorate their shops with new dresses and beautiful attires. You can get almost all goods including branded and unbranded footwears, clothes and cosmetics over there.

Due to heavy rush, police had prohibited vehicles from entering the main road stretch from Moulana Azad cross to Al-Hijaz Agencies. As the news of moon sighting is announced, people rushed to the bazaar venue in huge number and seen involved in aggressive buying as if all is free over here.

Report: Rizwan Gangavali, Bhatkallys News, 09 September 2010


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