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Photos: Shams Students visits Manasa Water Park Mangalore

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  1. Mangalore is not far away from Bhatkal. Though Bhatkal is called MINI DUBAI, But Bhatkal has no parks even kids parks. The constituency elected members also do not think such requirement. The Manasa Water Park Mangalore
    which express the Marvellous enjoyment of the visitors. The Physical Development is very essential by Developing such Parks in Bhatkal itself. The Government First Grade College Bhatkal has established in such a place whereas no proper road, Play grounds, proper Library etc. How can it be treated as First Grade College, The matter is to be brought to the notice of Government.
    It is for Shams Students visited Manasa Water Park Mangalore should propose to Develope such parks in Bhatkal itself. The Private Management can extends their co-operation and Develops such parks.

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