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No fish sold in Bhatkal’s new fish market; sellers remain in the old one

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Bhatkal: 1 April 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) The selling of fish in the government’s high-tech fish market, which was installed on Bhatkal’s Hospital Road in 2018 at a huge expense, could not begin today, so those who came to buy fish in the new high-tech clean market had to return disappointed.

Following opposition from fishmongers and traders to the proposed relocation of the fish market to a new location, a joint meeting of municipal officials, surrounding traders, and women fishmongers were held yesterday under the chairmanship of the Assistant Commissioner to discuss the matter. Following the second wave of quads, it was planned to sell fish in both fish markets, but no one was seen selling fish in the new market this morning, despite the fact that the old fish market was full.

Meanwhile, MLA Sunil Naik, while visiting the old fish market, expressed his sympathy with the fishmongers and said that he would not allow the fishmongers to close down at any cost.

He said that the old market should not be shifted in any way and requested the municipal authorities to fix the same market otherwise they would take the responsibility and fix it themselves.

Meanwhile, there has been a social media discussion on market shifting between supporters and critics, with people accusing each other.

Meanwhile, MP Sunil Naik’s 2018 video clip, in which he is seen talking about taking all the fishmongers to the new market on the occasion of the high-tech market’s inauguration, is circulating on social media today.

Simultaneously, a video about the old fish market is circulating, in which they are seen speaking in a voice that varies from their previous comment.


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