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Two Bhatkal youngsters shop-stopper at GITEX Week in Dubai

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Dubai: Two of the Bhatkally youngsters have impressed one and all at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai with their hallmark project of creating smart homes.

Hasaan, s/o Abdul Mueed Kadli, and Ayyub s/o Ibrahim Qazia, both hailing from Bhatkal launched their brainchild project “MODO Smarts Homes”. Their project was first launched in Bengaluru in December last year.

Using the technology, the company makes the home smarter why letting users take control of their homes remotely. The company enables users to remotely control lights, air conditioners, and other appliances even when they are not at home.

In May, they had expanded to Dubai and by August had completed multiple projects from homes to commercial spaces.

Modo participated at GITEX 2021, to an overwhelming response and wide acclaim. They showcased and demoed two brands that they had partnered with: Loxone from Austria and Aqara from China.

They showed demos of complete automation where the lighting, curtains, ACs, motorized doors and shutters, and even plumbing could be automated and work without any human intervention.

This attracted a lot of attention from organizations all over the MENA region like HH Rulers Court (Dubai), NEOM City Administration, Dubai Police, Sharaf DG, Emaar, Reddington, etc.

Their clientele already includes high-ranking executives from and organizations themselves such as NVidia, Google, Area83 Resorts, Killer Architects, Studio Parametric, Heal Hub Rehab Clinics, and more.

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