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Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem delegation visits Alvekodi

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Bhatkal 12 June 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) A delegation of Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem Bhatkal on Tuesday visited Alvekodi to take stock of things after the rain on Friday had reportedly washed away the bridge connecting the village to the Shirali.

The delegation was by General Secretary Altaf Kharuri, met and interacted with the local residents who complained about the inconveniences being caused by the bridge being washed away, while also blaming the administration of not paying attention to the seriousness of the incident as the repair work according to the residents is going at a ‘snail pace’.

Speaking to Bhatkallys.com Mujeeb, a resident and former member of Alvekodi Gram Panchayath said “The administration is not paying attention to our cries, if we have to go to main town (Shirali) we have to take a route of over 8 kilometers now, which was rather a 1 kilometer route, they don’t care about us, for example if there is any emergency here, what will we do? It can be any emergency let along medical emergency”.

“From two months they are constructing the bridge and they were not even half way, and then this happened. God knows how much more time they will take to finish it off, we are tired of travelling 9 kms to cover an actual distance of 1 km” he added.

The residents now plan to submit an memorandum to the Assistant Commissioner of Bhatkal Sub-Division by this week, seeking his intervention in fastening the construction work.

Jailani Shabandri, TMC President Sadiq Matta, Moulana Yasir Barmawar were also part of the delegation that visited the spot.

The delegation assured the residents of raising the issue in the local political circles and lending support in any way possible to the residents.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)


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