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Kumta Muslim Association organize annual event of Madrasa-e-Muhammadia

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Bhatkallys News Bureau

Bhatkal 12 March 2018: Madrasa-e-Muhammadia Sabeelul Huda Kumta, on Sunday organized its annual gathering at its campus here in Kumta in the presence of Moulna Yunus Barmawar from Bhatkal who attended the event as the chief guest.

The event commenced in the afternoon with the recitation of Holy Quran by the youngest student of the Madrasa Muhammad Saad. The Madrasa is a managed by Kumta Muslim Association and the event was chaired by the body’s president Akbar Mulla.

In his address, Moulana Yunus shed light upon the importance of Madrasa in Islam and the role it has been playing in the peaceful environment in the region and how it has helped locals maintain a balance between both wordly  developments/ modernity and Islamic teachings in their day to day lives. He further added that it is the responsibility of every individual to work towards conveying the message of Allah among masses and hence every parent should responsibly try and admit at least one of their kids in to the madrasas. He further lauded the efforts of Madrasa-e-Muhammadia Sabeelul Huda Kumta for its relentless services in this regard in and around the region.

During the first session, students performed various activities including Qirath, Hadith presentations and others for the delight of the audience.

During the second session several students were also awarded prizes for their activities and achievement during the academic year, the annual report of the institution was presented before the audience by Moulana Esa Nadvi.

Kumta Jamat-Ul-Muslimeen president Muhammad Shafi Shaikh, Jamat-Ul-Muslimeen Vice-President Muhammad Mohsin Qazi, Kumta Muslim Association Vice-President Abdul Shukur Shaikh, General Secretary Abdul Khayyum, and other including several people from Bhatkal, Karwar and nearby places were present during the event.


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