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Know more about three probable Muslim candidates who will contest Jali Patan Panchayath President’s election on July 18

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Bhatkal 12 July 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) The dates for electing president of Jali Patan Panchayath has been announced by the Tahsildar in a press release, 18 July is set to be the election day at the Jali Patan Panchayath and the nomination filing is also due for the same day between 10.00 am – 12.00 pm while the voting is scheduled to take place at 3.00 pm.

The post currently is reserved for the 2B categories meaning only Muslim and Naik candidates can contest for the post, which went vacant after Abdul Rahim Shaikh resigned from the post citing several reasons including poor management of the administration and not meeting its demand of deputing full time engineer and chief officer among other, in a letter addressed to the Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner.

Bhatkallys.com looks into three probable candidates who will contest for the post and also pitch their case at the Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem’s executive meeting, where the body will decide its candidate for the post. Tanzeem plays an important role in the election as it enjoys support of 12 of the 22 candidates at the Jali Patan Panchayath meaning its candidate can secure the majority.

Advocate Imran Lanka, Syed Adam Panambur and Bilal Qamri, the three Councillors are currently in the fray to secure Tanzeem’s support and will pitch their case at Tanzeem’s meeting on Sunday 15 July. Another Councillor Aftab Damudi while speaking to Bhatkallys.com clearly denied himself to be in the race and cleared the air by adding that he will not contest the election.

Let’s have a look at the profiles of the three Councillors who are in the race for the post:

Imran Lanka: An Advocate by profession, Imran Lanka is one of the most educated and qualified member not just in this list but at the council. Imran after his B.E and B.Com, completed his LLB from SDM Law college Mangalore, and is currently practicing as an advocate is Bhatkal. This term is Imran’s first term as the Jali Patan Panchayath Councilor, during the term he has strongly advocated moving of Jali Patan Panchayath office to a ‘public friendly location’ which is currently located at Jali, which according to him is inconvenient for the members of other wards to visit Panchayath office, he was supported by both Bilal Qamri and Syed Adam in his stand.

His chances of being the candidate of Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem are high comparatively to the others in the race as he was the unanimous choice at Tanzeem during the main elections and his elevation was almost written before a few last moment’s turn of events and cross voting had elevated Abdul Rahim Shaikh to the post. So Tanzeem might just retain its earlier decision and Imran as its candidate unless it strategically opt for other candidate.

Syed Aadam PanamburA Businessman by profession, Syed Adam hails from Panambur near Mangalore and is settled in Bhatkal over over four decades now, Aadam is currently serving his second term at Jali Patan Panchayath but however had a gap of 10 years between the two terms as he was employed in Gulf.

Aadam is known for his fluency in Kannada speaking and writing, and is lauded for his straightforward and gutsy style of discussion by locals and political experts.

Aadam also served as the chairman of standing committee of Jali Patan Panchayath under ex-president Abdul Rahim Shaikh for one year. He is also a probable candidate for the post owing to the Tanzeem’s approval.

Bilal QamriA real-estate contractor and businessman by profession and a B.Com graduate, Syed Bilal Qamri is also a promising contender for the post of Jali Patan Panchayath president. Speaking to Bhatkallys.com Bilal confirmed him contesting the elections and said if Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem supports him he will contest the election or withdraw himself from the race.

Bilal is also serving the Panchayath as councilor for the second term, he replaced Damda Salam after the later’s death and has since been the councilor of Jali Patan Panchayath. He is also the General secretary of local sports club Al Falah Association.

What they saidBhatkallys.com spoke to all the three probable candidates and here’s what they had to say.

“I am yet to decide whether I will contest for the post or not, I will take a decision on appropriate time after consulting my political mentors. If I contest and with Tanzeem’s support am elected for the post then my priority will be the overall development of the Panchayath and overall upliftment in whatever time is left in the term” Imran Lanka.

“I will contest the election after seeking Tanzeem’s support, if I get their support I am definitely in, Tanzeem will decide if I will contest the election or not. If I am elected my priority will be to fill in the vacancy of staff in Panchayath, while I will also take up the basic problems of the residents which were not take up so far in this term” Syed Aadam Panambur.

“Yes, I am contesting the elections, and I am trying to fetch get support from Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem, I believe I will be able to give more time than any other candidate for the post if elected. I will improve the water supply of our Panchayath jurisdiction if elected, that will be my priority” Syed Bilal Qamri.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)


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