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Former president of Anjuman and well-known personality of Bhatkal Abdul Rahim Jukaku passed away

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Bhatkal: 2 March 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Mr. Jukaku Abdul Rahim, the worthy son of Mr. JukakuShamsuddin, who founded the Electricity in Bhatkal and served in the Karnataka government, died today in Los Angeles, California. His funeral will be held on March 2 in Los Angeles, according to his relatives.

Late was a mechanical engineer. He began his social service with the Bangalore Jamaat, where he rose through the ranks to become Vice President and served for a period of time. He then relocated to Dubai, where he spent nearly two decades engaging in society and community service, including serving as President and General Secretary of BMJ Dubai.

He worked hard to address the problems of the members of the Dubai Jamaat and was also instrumental in the publication of the liaison’s telephone directory. He has also acted as the convener of DubaiJamaat on many occasions.

Wealth and popularity were never important to the late. As a result, when the association needed new leadership, his friends in Dubai convinced him to take over, and after his return from Dubai, he was given the reins of the Anjuman. He joined the association’s executive committee in 1987, then served as vice president from 2003 to 2007 and then general secretary from 2007 to 2015. He was president of the association for the last time from 2015 to 2020. During this time, he was able to work under the guidance of educationists and accomplished individuals such as Mohtasham Abdul Ghani Sahib, Muallim Zafar Sahib, QasimjiAnsar Sahib, and DH Shabbar Sahib, with whom he gained valuable experience. Which aided him in his advancement through the association’s services and growth. Apart from that, he was a member of the Jamaat-e-Muslimeen Bhatkal and the Majlis-e-IslahwaTanzeem, where he worked.

Mr. MuzammilQazi, the current President of the Association, has expressed deep sorrow over his death and declared that a condolence meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon in the Anjumanabad mosque. He described his death as a great loss, voicing his grief.

He was also a big supporter of the Bhatkallys.com organization. He frequently provided ideas for its development. On YouTube, Bhatkallys.com exclusive interview with him has been preserved.

Bhatkallys.com sends its sincere condolences to the deceased’s family on this occasion.

And we pray to Allah Almighty for salvation, honorable acceptance of all his services, and a place in Paradise for the deceased. Ameen.

Here are some memorable pictures of the deceased in the archives of Bhatkallys.com


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