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The inspiring story of a Bhatkalli girl who scored 97.3%

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It takes two to tango – story of hard work and dedication. 

Seeing this world through the eyes of an artist or a common man is one thing but observing the same world through the sight of a studious person is incomprehensible. Perhaps they have their own world, a world hidden from common people but unconcealed to them. Where unicorn read books and elves talk in numbers or the words from books fly around them making them fall in love with their studies more and more.

Saubia Momin, a student of Anand Ashram Convent School is one of them. A girl who topped in Bhatkal Taluka both in SSLC and 12th with 99% and 97.3% respectively. A book worm who knows how to balance between reading sci-fi and her course books, and maintain her top position every single time.

“My first reaction along with my aunt was to scream with joy. I couldn’t believe that I had finally scored 100 in physics. Chemistry, being a difficult one caused several complications. Due to my teacher’s dedication and family’s encouragement my hard work paid off and I scored 99”, says Saubia holding onto her happiness.

Her routine includes studying hard especially at nights as she believes it’s the best time to show one’s dedication towards studies and concentrate on it completely while the world sleeps. Also, going through the lessons as soon as the teacher finishes teaching it makes her recollect learning with much ease.

“We are shifting to Mangalore soon. My daughter has never been away from me. While going towards the operation theatre I promised her that I, along with my husband will be with her in every step of life. So, we have decided to be with her whilst she pursue her studies”, says her mother looking at her daughter lovingly.

She aspires to become a math teacher, possibly a math lecturer so that she can tell others that subject can be fun, if solved with love and passion.

“Maths is my favourite subject. When I study maths, I go into different world of formulas, derivations and problems. I enjoy it and it’s probably the reason why I am good at it. I can be myself with maths, something I cannot say about other subjects. I can apply my mind and thoughts in solving a particular problem and won’t until I think that I have tried hard enough to get it right”, says Saubia pouring out her passion towards the subject.

“Her success is a gift from Allah. We want her to become a doctor but her inclination is towards teaching, so be it. We are with her no matter what she chooses for herself”, says her father Salman Momin, proudly.

Along with being an obedient student, she is a self-reliant person. Her parents never had to worry about her. In fact, her parents fail to recall the time when they got a complaint from school against her.

Lastly, she leaves a message to future students saying, “First and foremost, study hard. Listen to your parents and teachers. Study every day. Have your own timetable and stick to it religiously. No matter what people say to you, always listen to yourself first because no one knows you better than you do”.

Bhatkallys.com congratulates Saubia and her parents on this achievement and wishes her success in every step of her life.

Article by Sahifa S.M. for Bhatkallys.com


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