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Indian Nawayath Forum to launch Dialysis Centre at Welfare Hospital Bhatkal

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Bhatkal: 7 March 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) From the first week of April, the Indian Nawayath Forum (INF) will open a dialysis center at Bhatkal Welfare Hospital, for which registration has already begun. This was informed by Mr. MuazJukaku, INF’s General Secretary. This afternoon, he spoke at a press conference held at a private hotel in the city.

He stated that these services were launched by INF in Bhatkal and THANAL, a Kerala-based NGO, with the aim of providing low-cost benefits to the public and providing comfort to dialysis patients. Dialysis patients from Bhatkal and the surrounding areas travel to Mangalore, Udupi, Kundapur, or government hospitals once every two weeks or once a month for dialysis, for which they must spend a significant amount of money and time, according to him. They will not have to travel after the opening of the center in Bhatkal, and the cost will be very minimal.

Mr. Ghufran Lanka mentioned that the Welfare Hospital currently has four machines for this purpose, which will be operated under the supervision of a nephrologist with twelve years of experience. He said that if the number of people rises, it is possible to hold up to nine machines here.

People who want to register should go to the Welfare Hospital to do so, or they can call this number and give their name.


Mr. Muaz Jukaku, Mr. Ghufran Lanka, Mr. Saifan Shingeri, Mr. Hashim Mohtasham, Mr. Haris Shabandri, Mr. Talha Akrami, etc. were present at the press conference.

About Indian Nawayath Forum (INF)

Outside of Bhatkal and inside India, the Indian Nawait Forum is an eight-party platform that was established in 2018 with some ambitious ideas.

The key and most critical goals of this organization are to improve the inter-relationships between the members of these groups, as well as to economically strengthen the nation’s youth as much as possible in light of the situation. Simultaneously, it aspires to provide all available financial assistance in religious, social, educational, and moral terms. Simultaneously, one of its major goals is to create equitable ties between all people and various institutions based on mutual understanding and consensus, regardless of religious or racial differences.

During the Corona epidemic, the Indian Nawaz Forum distributed food and essential food items to the needy, while Covid Primary Health Care was developed in collaboration with the Majlis-e-Islah-o-Tanzeem and the Bhatkal Muslim Gulf Council, where many patients were sent home after receiving satisfactory treatment while providing a friendly environment.

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