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Imran Lanka unanimously promoted as the new standing committee chairman of Jali Patan Panchayath

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Bhatkal 6 December 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Advocate Imran Lanka, on Wednesday was unanimously elevated as the new standing committee chairman of the Jali Patan Panchayath, in a meeting at Jali Patan Panchayath office that was chaired by President Syed Aadam Panambur.

Earlier last month, a 11 member standing committee was formed in the general body meeting and the election of the chairman was put on hold and postponed for next meeting, which eventually was called on Wednesday.

Syed Imran Lanka, Aftab Damudi, Purendra, Bilal Qamri, Mangal Gonda, Reshma Sardar, Farhana Data, Fathima, Mumtaz, Shridhar and Nagaraj were elected into the standing committee.

However on Wednesday, when Imran’s name was presented for the chairman’s post, he secured unanimous support and was subsequently elevated as the Chairman of the committee. Imran took over the post from Nagaraj Naik, whose term as the Chairman of the committee came to an end earlier last month.

Speaking to Bhatkallys.com Imran added that completion of pending developmental work in Panchayath limits will be one of his top priorities.

He added “There are a lot of pending developmental work in the Panchayath limits, getting it done will be one of my top priorities, apart from that there are a few pending payments from the contractors’ side to the Panchayath, receiving which will help the Panchayath’s balance sheet which is otherwise going in to loss. Getting the balance-sheet right will also be on my agenda during the one year term I will have as the chairman of the committee.

Imran also expected and hoped of getting support from fellow Councillors and stressed upon its importance adding that he will be able to work for good only with the support of the Council.

“Since I am elevated as the chairman unanimously, I am expecting and hoping of all the possible support from the Council so that we can together work for the betterment of out Panchayath and its people” Imran added.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau/ Ismail Zaorez)


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