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Prominent late Urdu poet Syed Ashraf Barmawar remembered at Idara Adab-e-Islami’s Mushaira in Bhatkal

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Bhatkal 24 December 2018: (Bhatkallys News Bureau) Idara Abab-e-Islami Hind Bhatkal unit organised a Urdu Mushaira on Sunday December 23, in remembrance of prominent late Urdu poet of Bhatkal Syed Ashraf Barmawar, who was also an active member of Idara Adab-e-Islami, an organization that provides a platform to literary and creative skills of the poets and help in their nourishment, it also encourages young poets to bring essence of constructive Islamic poetry in their writings to impact on the hearts and minds of their listeners thereby executing the Islamic duties of Dawa’ah.

Going by the annual tradition, the event was organised at Syed Ali Campus of New Shams School.

Eminent local and guests poets presented their poetic collection in front of a good number of audience who remained enthralled throughout the event’s conclusion and appreciated the poetic collections of the poets.

Local poets who presented their collection included, Dr. Haneef Shabab, Iqbal Sayeedi, Sadiq Naveed, Abdul Aleem Shaheen, Affan Bafaqui, Ilyas Sunehri, Shaad Jamayi, Anees Nadvi. While the guest poets included Mazhar Mohiddin of Hubli, Abrar Ahmed Abrar of Uttara Pradesh, Mushtaq Ali Gouhar, Kabeer Hanafi.

During the event Noufil Damudi, Irbaz Ruknuddin and Turaif Abu Huseina touched the hearts of the audience as they voiced some of the most touching and constructive poems penned by Late Syed Ashraf Barmawar, and helped people to understand the command he had over the language and his skills of penning down his emotions. During the course of one of the poem being recited Late Ashraf Barmawar’s close friend and the host of Mushaira Dr. Haneef Shabab was seen shedding tears while remembering the late poet.

Prominent and senior Urdu poet Mazhar Mohiddin was also felicitated during the event for his commendable services to Idara Adab-e-Islami Hind over the years.

The event was presided over by Dr. Shah Rashad Usmani, All India President of Idara Adab-e-Islami Hind, while President of Bhatkal Unit Qadir Meeran Patel and Secretary Moulana Zubair SM were present on the dias during the event.

During the presidential address, Dr. Usmani stressed upon the importance of organizing Mushairas and also inserted details about the working model of Idara Adab-e-Islami Hind.

The event concluded with vote of thanks by Qadir Meeran Patel.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)


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