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Hundreds of people admitted to hospitals after consuming Mussels in Bhatkal

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Bhatkal 18 February 2019: 100s of people across the Taluka were seen admitted to Government and private hospitals of Bhatkal after they reportedly fell sick by consuming Mussels (sea shells) here on Sunday.

On Sunday evening, it was observed that a large number of people including people from same family were rushing towards Government and Private hospitals of Bhatkal, Shirali and Murdeshwar, after they fell sick by eating Mussels dish prepared in their home.

The victims were seen with the initial symptoms of uneasiness in the stomach and diarrhea and later they used to feel dizzy and get unconscious and fall sick.

It has been suspected that, the chemical used to preserve the mussels have resulted in such disaster.

Sources said that, the mussels are brought to Bhatkal from Kundapur. Daily number of bags containing mussels are brought here and sold at different places of the Taluka.

Bhatkal Tahsidar VN Bhadkar visited the hospitals and enquired about the health condition of the people.

Speaking with the media he added, “I have received the information that people are falling sick by eating mussels. I have talked with the health officer regarding the issue too. The responsible department and the police personnel have been assigned to investigate regarding the matter. Samples of mussels brought from Kundapur have been sent to laboratories for testing and very soon the reports regarding the problems will be extrated.”

The Tahsildar requested the people of Bhatkal taluk to not to eat mussels for few weeks until the problems are resolved.

(Bhatkallys News Bureau)



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