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End of Gram Panchayat Presidential elections in Bhatkal: Nine for Congress and Six for BJP

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Bhatkal: 13 February 2021 (Bhatkallys News Bureau) On Thursday and Friday, the election of presidents and vice-presidents for the 16 Gram panchayats of Bhatkal took place, with Congress-backed members capturing nine of the 16 seats and BJP-backed members in six panchayats. Similarly, this time, an independent nominee has won the presidency as well.

According to reports, pro-Congress members were elected president and vice president in the elections on Thursday in Bailoor, Mawalli-1, Kaikini, Bengre, and Konar, while a pro-Congress member was elected president in Shirali, but a pro-BJP member was elected vice president. Mawulli-2 had a significant number of pro-BJP members, but an independent candidate was elected president with the support of pro-Congress members, while a pro-BJP member won the post of vice-president. The BJP-backed member was elected President in spite of a large number of pro-Congress representatives in Able (Heble) Gram Panchayat.

Pro-BJP members from Yallaudi Kauro, Belke, Konar, Mutthali and Mavin kurvy won the Friday election. The Congress-backed candidates won in Mundali, Hadulli, and Marukeeri. In this election, the majority of pro-Congress members were observed in many panchayats and it was assumed that pro-Congress members would be elected president and vice-president, but on the contrary, pro-BJP members were elected president and vice-president in these panchayats.




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